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The Blaze Fire Tower

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The Blaze is more than a fire pit. It's more than a grill.

It's a unique addition to your backyard or favorite outdoor space.

The Blaze is precision cut from heavy duty 3/16” American Steel - over 3 times thicker than cheap import alternatives and is impervious to wind, hail, and yard debris. It’s designed to last a lifetime in the outdoors, aging naturally through the years in the beaufiful fashion that only steel can. Exceptional build quality creates a brag-worthy centerpiece to your favorite outdoor space.

Easy to Assemble

The unique assembly allows you to position each of the five sections one at a time so that you never have to handle more than 45 pounds at once. The tab and slot design takes 2 people less than 15 minutes to assemble. Once assembled The Blaze weighs nearly 200 pounds and will stand as a centerpiece in your yard for decades.

Perfect For Any Season

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