The Blaze is more than a traditional fire pit. It's also a capable grill and smoker that can prepare some of the most delicious meals you've ever served. The Accessory Cooking Kit includes everything you need to transform your Blaze for cooking.

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The Accessory Cooking Kit includes the following:

  • Slotted 3/16” steel grilling rack
  • Removable charcoal basket and coal starter
  • Removable doors for the two front openings to lock in the heat with thermometer
  • Vent Louvers for adjusting air flow

The design allows you to cook with either firewood or charcoal as fuel and to choose between direct or indirect heating depending on the type of meat you are preparing.

  • Grill your meal using direct heat from charcoal or firewood by cooking on top of the slotted grill grate
  • Smoke your meat using convection cooking with indirect heat by hanging your meat from the louver handle. The increased distance from the heat source to the meat creates even heating and no hot spots. The dripping juices from the meat lands on the fire to add natural flavors to the smoke as it cooks.
  • Bake pizza using a grilling stone or cooking directly on the standard flat shelf included with every Blaze

Smoking a chicken using indirect heat with charcoal

Grilling hot dogs with direct heat

    The Charcoal Basket is a unique way to easily light your charcoal, direct heat for optimal cooking, and contain ash for easier cleanup.

    Igniting the charcoal is easy, much like using a common chimney igniter from other manufacturers. Just lift the steel tray from the basket, loosely pack the bottom with newspaper, replace the tray, fill with charcoal, place in Blaze, and light the paper. Within minutes you'll have coals ready for cooking.

    The Accessory Cooking Kit also includes a vent louvre to easily control the amount of smoke the Blaze is producing:

    The bottom door also includes a set of two adjustable vents for controlling airflow: