About Us

Blaze Tower is a project of Bad Idea Supply Co. based just outside of Pittsburg, Kansas in a little shop with big dreams. The group is comprised of mostly 20 somethings with a 33 year old offering poor substitution for adult supervision. We’re diversely talented in the fields of design, engineering, fabrication, and even photography and web design. 

We conceive, design, fabricate, photograph, market, box, and ship everything we sell. We believe in using as much American material and hardware as we can source to build our products. When you buy something from us, you know it’s built to last and built to work.

We are looking for distributors and resellers to help get our products to more customers. If you’re interested, email us at fixit@badideasupply.com or use the contact form on this site to chat with us.

About our phone number...

Many people ask why we don't have a phone number. We are 100% owner operated and a side effect of the work we do is that we usually have gloves and hearing protection on and the shop is EXTREMELY loud. We had to make a decision about whether it was better to have an office number that we could never answer or to encourage our customers to use email and chat to talk with us no matter how loud it is. The truth is we like talking with customers, so if you prefer to speak on the phone just shoot us an email at info@blazetower.com or send us a chat (at the bottom right of the website) with your phone number and one of us will call you as quickly as possible. Thanks!